The course essentially stands on six strong verticals that enrich learning.

Strategic Brand Management

From evaluating the esteem of a brand to understanding consumer behavioural psychology, Strategic Brand Management allows a student to create an influential presence of brand. The subject allows a deep dive into the mind of consumer and collect a valuable insight that would help the brand touch the consumer in a very unique way. Meaningful pieces of advertisements communicate the need and value of a product in the life of an ideal consumer and create a niche.

Experiential & Digital Management

The world today, values a great service as much as it values a quality assured product. Going beyond the good treatment it is important that a brand remains in the good books and fond memories of a consumer. Experiential and Digital marketing imparts knowledge on creating valuable brand experiences and building a community of loyalists through various platforms like social media or store walk-ins.

Media Strategy

Through the Media Strategy specialization students discover how and why brands try to schedule their commercials on specific channels at specific times. Also on how they approach print media to reach out to their target audience. It also allows the students to clearly define their target audience and personify their consumer. The successful journey of a brand starts with selecting the right media vehicle and creating a dialogue to the people it is meant for.

Content Management

It is highly essential for a brand to create connect with its consumers. From captivating punchlines to imparting information in the most entertaining way, this subject allows a student to function creatively and come up with original ideas. From digital video contents to outdoor campaigns, a good piece of content is the prerequisite. Engaging and interactive advertisement never fails to create a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind. As many influential advertising experts suggest, Content, is the new king.

Marketing Analytics

It is highly essential to study competition, and also the purchase habits of one’s consumer. Marketing Analytics helps a student use various tools to evaluate the market scenario and figure the factors that influence a consumer to buy your pitch. From search engine optimization to retargeting, Marketing Analytics provide a factual and process oriented learning outcome.

Public Relations

In a media-rich world, it is highly important for a brand to have a great public image and satisfied consumers. To deliver prompt responses and handle a crisis situation, Public Relation activities require smart language and patient planning. From a successful celebrity to a popular multinational, everybody requires a professional to keep its esteemed image intact. A nicely carried out PR activity creates a great consumer journey and builds large communities of fans and loyalists.

3 Year Course (UG)

3 Year Course (UG)

The three year full-time program is built on the foundations of consumer behavioural psychology and strategy development.



The eleven-month (full-time) intensive program focuses on creating experts out of college graduates and corporate employees.

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